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a community of students, educators, and researchers learning to face challenges and make wise choices about our environment. Natural resources like clean water, fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities are always in demand. We make management decisions about these resources by applying ecological principles and knowledge. Our goal is to balance the current needs of people with sustainability or future availability of resources. We offer degree programs at the BS, MS, and PhD levels which prepare students for professional careers in Natural Resources Management.


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Making room for prairie STRIPs: Lisa Schulte Moore (Land Sharing/Sparing #1)
Lisa Schulte Moore, an professor of natural resource ecology and management at Iowa State University, seems to have the energy of three people. She has a hand in agriculturalnd . . .

Changing climate, changing landscape: monitoring the vast wilderness of interior Alaska
National Park Service plant ecologist Carl Roland lives in Alaska, where climate change is palpably present. Ecologists have predicted major landscape-scale changes in the future of the Alaskan interior, . . .

Where the ecologists are: geographical bias in field research
“It matters because we’re facing global change – these are global phenomena, so we need global information,” said Erle Ellis, a professor of geography environmental systems at the University . . .

Tallgrass prairie: the invasion of the woody shrubs
Kansas native Jesse Nippert loves the prairie. He spends much of his time immersed in the tall grass as an assistant professor at Kansas State University. Though agriculture has . . .

Immersed in the clouds: Interview with tropical cloud forest researcher
There is a world within the canopy of a tropical cloud forest that not many people get to see. In this unique ecosystem maintained by the exceptionally wet microclimate . . .

Taking a shot at photographing science and nature
Some projects implement photography as a means for exploring societal and environmental issues. One such project is gigapan.org, which allows users to share and discuss panoramic photographs (one of . . .

Spearfishing to depletion in Chile
In theory, the evolution of scuba gear and wetsuits in spearfishing allow divers to produce a more abundant catch. However, Natalio Godoy from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile . . .

Injecting humor into climate change
Many science communicators suggest that the key to effectively translating climate change research is to keep the message concise, accurate and interesting, all in one tight package. Perhaps the . . .

Considering canopy cover in Ecuador
Loss of canopy cover in rainforests—compared to the other fragmented habitats in Manabi in southwest Ecuador—leads to a region-wide loss of diversity in species interactions, said researchers from the . . .

Fruitful Savannahs: Termites enrich the soil in East Africa
Vertebrate fertilizer is not the only source of nutrients in the soils of East African savannahs, at least according to a study recently published in the journal Ecology. Alison . . .