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9:30am ANRS Coffee Hour


12:00pm ANRS Seminar - Speaker: Dr. David Haukos - Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

6:30pm CASNR Honors Banquet


9:30am ANRS Coffee Hour


9:30am ANRS Coffee Hour


9:30am ANRS Coffee Hour


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a community of students, educators, and researchers learning to face challenges and make wise choices about our environment. Natural resources like clean water, fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities are always in demand. We make management decisions about these resources by applying ecological principles and knowledge. Our goal is to balance the current needs of people with sustainability or future availability of resources. We offer degree programs at the BS, MS, and PhD levels which prepare students for professional careers in Natural Resources Management.


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Tackling a Dreaded Disease
In May 2011, the World Organization for Animal Health (Office International des Epizooties or OIE) declared that rinderpest, an infectious viral disease of cattle and wild ungulates, had officially . . .

Facing Climate Change in Forests and Fields
As a growing body of science shows, climate change impacts on wildlife are already profound — from shifting species’ ranges and altering the synchronicity of food sources to changing . . .

Working to Save Western Bats
In April 2013, more than 75 bat biologists from across the western United States met in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to exchange knowledge, assess threats, and update range maps . . .

More Than 50 Shades of Gray
The scientific community got a wake-up call in the October 4, 2013 issue of the journal Science. In an article titled “Who’s afraid of Peer Review,” writer John Bohannon . . .

Silent Slaughter of Africa’s Vultures
On July 15, 2013, on a farm in the sleepy mountainous area of Swartberg, South Africa, the sky was silent. More than 55 Cape vultures (Gyps coprotheres) — listed . . .

Now in Print: The Wildlife Professional Spring 2014 Issue
The spring 2014 issue of The Wildlife Professional is in print. In this issue, we explore the need for thorough peer review in open-access publishing, highlight ongoing efforts to . . .

The Wildlife Professional Spring 2014 Table of Contents
More Than 50 Shades of Gray Uneven Quality of Peer Review in Open-Access Publishing By Gary C. White How the Peer Review Process Works Silent Slaughter of Africa’s Vultures . . .

Classic Peer Review
Reputable scientific journals follow a rigorous process to decide what manuscripts they will publish. The Wildlife Society’s journals are no exception. Though the peer-review process varies by journal, generally . . .

The Wildlife Professional, Spring 2014 Letters to the Editor
I was pleased to see the winter 2013 issue focusing on us retired do-gooders, first because I am one, secondly because there are innumerable opportunities for retired biologists to . . .

The Wildlife Professional, Spring 2014 Bibliographies
More Than 50 Shades of Gray By Gary C. White Anderson, A., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D., Xenos, M., Ladwig, P. 2013. The “Nasty Online Incivility and Risk Perceptions of . . .